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English teacher training programs

English Teacher Certification (150 hours)

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To teach English, you need the language skills, the talent, and the theory so you can make use of the best techniques to enhance your students' learning process.

This program is designed for advanced students of English and native speakers wishing to become certified to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) at private language schools in the USA and abroad.

Talented and creative individuals capable of teaching English are valued and sought after in today's job market. In order to succeed in this competitive field, teachers must have a solid grasp of grammatical concepts, know teaching and language acquisition theories, and demonstrate initiative in the field.

Our ESL Teacher Training Program is an exciting program for those motivated individuals who are looking for new career opportunities without having to radically change their lifestyles to accommodate class schedules and university requirements. Our program admits a small number of candidates and personalizes the course to suit their learning needs, academic background, and schedules. Most importantly, unlike many teaching courses, the ESL Teacher Training Program at Approach includes a teaching practicum. Rather than focusing only on theory, the program allows candidates to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a safe, supportive environment where they receive consistent feedback.

At Approach, you will have the opportunity to put theories into practice in the classroom, and work towards your teaching certificate in a flexible environment that accommodates your schedule.  Upon successful completion with a passing grade, graduates receive an English Teacher Certificate and Professional Development Points (PDPs) from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Course Components:

  • Second Language Acquisition (20 hours)
  • Grammar Practical Application (10 hours)
  • International Awareness (5 hours)
  • Multimedia Lab (3 hours)
  • Professional Behavior (2 hours)
  • Classroom Observations (15 hours)
  • Practical Teaching (95 hours)

Program Highlights:

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ESL Tutoring Certification (46 hours)

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This program is for individuals who have demonstrated interest in teaching ESL but who do not wish to commit to a teaching career. Candidates are taught how to prepare lessons, assess their students' needs and progress, and conduct activities and exercises in the classroom. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates receive an ESL Tutoring Certificate.

Course Components:

  • Introduction to Teaching Methodologies
  • Directed Tutoring / Co-teaching
  • Classroom Observations

Program Highlights:

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Individual Course Offerings

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The Individual Course Offerings are available for certified or non-certified teachers who wish to supplement their studies. You may choose to enroll in individual courses and later apply the coursework towards a certificate.

  • Second Language Acquisition : 34 hours
  • Grammar Practical Application : 15 hours
  • Multimedia Labs : 10 hours
  • International Awareness : 10 hours
  • Teaching Practicum : from 5 to 40 hours

ESL Teacher's Placement Assistance

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Our ESL Teacher's Placement Assistance provides program graduates with the best guidance to help them find a rewarding teaching position. Approach has helped place instructors in countries such as Japan, Israel, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, and Korea.

Approach is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

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